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Film Rating
"Picture This" has been rated by the Australian Government via it's Classification Board and has received a classification certificate. The rating for "Picutre This" is PG (Parental Guidance Recommended). The consumer advice for "Picture This" is mild coarse language and sexual references. This classification refers to the entire contents of the DVD and is not limited to the feature film only. For more information on Australian Government classifications, please refer to

Unless otherwise nominated by you, we shall send you the DVD format which is appropriate for your country. Should you require a different format, please send an email to or add this information in the Comments field when placing your order. NTSC is primarily used in North and Central America, the Philippines, South Korea and Japan. PAL is used in most of Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Asia, the Pacific, Northern and Southern Africa and the Middle East. Refer to the table below for a list of DVD formats by country.

Will the DVD play in my country?
The DVD "zone" parameter has been set to play in "ALL" DVD zones or regions. The NTSC DVD will play in any country using NTSC video standard or 60 Hz.  It will also play on a DVD player in countries with 50 Hz PAL, provided the player also plays NTSC (most PAL DVD players do). The PAL DVD will play in any country using PAL video standard or 50 Hz.

Shipping Charges
A fee of US$2.99 is charged for each item.  The total shipping charge will be displayed on the last page of the order form, before you submit your order.

International Delivery Times
International orders will be shipped by Australian Air Mail with delivery times averaging between 5-14 business days.  On occasions, international mail may experience delays as there are thousands of items processed daily through the mail system.  Unfortunately these delays are beyond our control.

International Destinations
We can ship to almost any destination.  Should you be in a remote location, we may contact you regarding special shipping requirements.

International Customs
You may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country.  You are responsible for any additional charges for customs clearance.  We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be.

Customs policies vary from country to country.  You should contact your local customs office for further information.  Additionally, when ordering from MOZAIC Motion Pictures (a trading name of Wincap Pty Ltd), you are considered the importer of the goods and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.

To avoid any unnecessary customs charges, please contact your local customs office to ascertain what the exemption limit is for goods entering the country before having to pay taxes.

Copyright & License
This DVD is licensed to play for home/personal use only.  It is NOT licensed for public broadcast of any nature.  The material on this DVD is copyrighted to Wincap Pty Ltd.

DVD Format by Country        
Country (A-F)   Country (G-N)   Country (O-Z)  
Afghanistan PAL Gaza Strip PAL Okinawa NTSC
Albania PAL Gabon PAL Oman PAL
Algeria PAL Gambia PAL Pakistan PAL
American Samoa NTSC Germany PAL Palestine PAL
Andorra PAL Ghana PAL Panama NTSC
Angola PAL Gibraltar PAL Papua New Guinea PAL
Anguilla NTSC Greece PAL Paraguay PAL
Antigua NTSC Greenland PAL Peru NTSC
Argentina PAL Guadeloupe PAL Philippines NTSC
Armenia PAL Guam NTSC Poland PAL
Aruba NTSC Guatemala NTSC Portugal PAL
Australia PAL Guinea PAL Puerto Rico NTSC
Austria PAL Guinea-Bissau PAL Qatar PAL
Azerbaijan PAL Guyana  NTSC Réunion PAL
Azores PAL Haiti NTSC Romania PAL
Bahamas NTSC Honduras NTSC Russia PAL
Bahrain PAL Hong Kong PAL Rwanda PAL
Balearic Islands PAL Hungary PAL St. Kitts and Nevis NTSC
Bangladesh PAL Iceland PAL Saudi Arabia PAL
Belarus PAL India PAL Samoa NTSC
Belgium PAL Indonesia PAL Senegal PAL
Benin PAL Iran PAL Serbia PAL
Bermuda NTSC Iraq PAL Seychelles PAL
Bhutan PAL Ireland PAL Sierra Leone PAL
Bonaire PAL Isle of Man PAL Singapore PAL
Bosnia PAL Israel PAL Slovakia PAL
Botswana PAL Italy PAL Slovenia PAL
Brazil NTSC Japan NTSC Somalia PAL
Brunei PAL Jordan PAL South Africa PAL
Bulgaria PAL Kazakhstan PAL Spain PAL
Burkina Faso PAL Kenya PAL Sri Lanka PAL
Burundi PAL Kiribati PAL Sudan PAL
Cambodia PAL Korea, North PAL Suriname NTSC
Cameroon PAL Korea, South NTSC Swaziland PAL
Canada NTSC Kuwait PAL Sweden PAL
Canary Islands PAL Latvia PAL Switzerland PAL
Cape Verde PAL Lebanon PAL Syria PAL
Cayman Islands NTSC Lesotho PAL Tahiti PAL
Central African Republic PAL Liberia PAL Taiwan NTSC
Chad PAL Libya PAL Tajikistan PAL
Channel Islands PAL Lithuania PAL Tanzania PAL
China (mainland only) PAL Liechtenstein PAL Thailand PAL
Colombia NTSC Luxembourg PAL Togo PAL
Comoros PAL Macau S.A.R. of China PAL Trinidad & Tobago NTSC
Congo-Brazzaville PAL Macedonia PAL Tunisia PAL
Congo-Kinshasa PAL Madagascar PAL Turkey PAL
Cook Islands PAL Madeira PAL Turkmenistan PAL
Costa Rica NTSC Malawi PAL Uganda PAL
Côte d'Ivoire PAL Malaysia PAL Ukraine PAL
Croatia PAL Maldives PAL United Arab Emirates PAL
Cuba NTSC Mali PAL United Kingdom PAL
Cyprus PAL Malta PAL United States of America NTSC
Czech Republic PAL Martinique PAL Uruguay PAL
Denmark PAL Mauritania PAL Uzbekistan PAL
Djibouti PAL Mauritius PAL Vanuatu PAL
Dominican Republic NTSC Mexico NTSC Vatican City PAL
East Timor PAL Micronesia NTSC Venezuela NTSC
Ecuador NTSC Moldova PAL Vietnam PAL
Egypt PAL Monaco PAL Virgin Islands NTSC
El Salvador NTSC Mongolia PAL Yemen PAL
Equatorial Guinea PAL Montenegro PAL Zambia PAL
Eritrea PAL Montserrat (Leeward Is.) NTSC Zimbabwe PAL
Estonia PAL Morocco PAL
Ethiopia PAL Mozambique PAL
Faroe Islands PAL Nauru PAL
Falkland Islands PAL Nepal PAL
Fiji PAL Netherlands PAL
Finland PAL Netherlands Antilles NTSC
France PAL New Caledonia PAL
French Guiana PAL New Zealand PAL
Nicaragua NTSC
Niger PAL
Nigeria PAL
Norway PAL