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Featured Photo

By Hamish Seymour

July Competition - Grand Winner

Sensational. A superb contrast of lighting with great composition. But most importantly its eye: blank, white and eerie. Hamish wins again! Neck and neck with Max, Quentin and others.


June Competition Photo July Competition

The July Competition submission window is over, and voting has started! Everyone will be voting, so put your's in before it's too late.

And don't forget that the August Competition is coming up soon, so start snapping away!


Ruddock Park July Album released!

The July Album has just been created, with 4 photos added already and 5 on their way. It may seem a bit late to create this album (it's August) but don't worry. The album is filling up. And you can help by uploading any photo that you took in July.

Also celebrate the club's 20th photo, three albums and 8 members! Make it 21 photos, 4 albums and 9 members today!

Check it out

Chat Screenshot All Time Album

By Luke Fisk-Lennon

This photo demonstrates lightning-fast motion with perfect clarity. This was achieved with a fast shutter-speed of 1/2000, on a manual time mode, the ISO automatically adjusted for great lighting. You can see each water droplet, frozen like ice, and a scarf of water, wrapping around the bird's neck.